Our Goal

We are here to make sure your dog has a great time while you are away .  The dogs sleep and eat in large, clean kennels that are kept at a comfortable temperature.  When not eating or sleeping, the dogs can enjoy the outdoors in one of our two large dog yards  for extended periods, depending on the weather conditions. 

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services including transporting, feeding, medicating, playing, walking or just hanging out with the dog(s) but grooming is not one of them.  The doggy daycare,  where we drop off the dogs, will do baths and groomings if booked for their return.  Please feel free to email us anytime during their stay for an update!

Our Qualifications

We have been training, working and observing dogs for over 30 years.  Our primary interests are agility and herding but we have also  competed in other dog sports.  At the Retreat, which is also our home, we work on basic manners and good social etiquette in our dog play groups.  Much of our time is spent observing dog behaviour, both individually and in group settings.  We are firm believers in rewarding and praising the behaviours we like and we put a stop to unwanted behaviours before they escalate.

Our Promise

You can rely on us, whether you are away for a few days or a few weeks, to tire them out for you.  The best praise you and your fur-covered family member can give us, besides wet sloppy kisses, is a referral to friends and family so we can wear their dogs out, too!