Extreme or Dangerous Driving Conditions

If the weather is extreme- such as blizzards/white outs/icy roads, monsoon rains or tornado winds, for example - on our normal travel days, we will postpone the drive until the next day if at all possible.  We are, after all, carrying precious cargo (your dog) and we do not want to take chances if we can avoid it.  There will be no extra charge to you if we change the driving schedule due to weather or conditions we cannot prevent.

Pick Up & Drop Off Location (Calgary, AB)


Please check back here for our updated holiday MuttBus driving schedule.  If our normal driving day falls on a stat holiday (& LAP is not open), the MuttBus will be traveling on the Tuesday or Thursday of that week.

When Cindy gets a chance to judge agility trials (or maybe even compete) - what she calls mini vacations - she normally has to travel on a MuttBus driving day.  For that reason, the MuttBus will NOT be travelling on the following dates but the Tuesday of those weeks instead.

August 14 - August 19

There will be no extra charge for the extra nights, if your dog has to come out early or stay a little later, in order to accommodate her holiday schedule



To finalize your dog's vacation dates, please call our booking line @ 403-266-1400.

This is to confirm space on the Mutt Bus & to book a bath* with the staff @ Launder-a-Pet.

*For a separate fee, LAP will bath your dog on its return if you check off the "Bath" box when you drop them off & confirm with the staff that they can fit them into their busy schedule.  

The bathing service is ONLY available if you are picking them up from the Calgary location.