We're not fancy but your dog is family!

Front Room View

Very small, worried or old dogs may get house privileges if they are well-mannered and are more comfortable with us.  That is something we determine by observing how they are in the kennel and around the other dogs.

The Facilities

Our kennel building is a modified mobile home, NOT a steel and cement structure.  It is primarily a place for the dogs to eat and sleep or where they can stay warm and dry if the weather is extremely cold or wet.  In nice weather, they are outside, in groups of similar personalities, enjoying the sunshine.

The front room has 3 large kennels (8' x 4') and 2 medium kennels (6' x 4').  The front bedroom has 1 extra large kennel (8' x 10'), which easily accommodates larger family groups or up to 3 large, Newfie-sized dogs.  The middle bedroom has 1 large kennel and 1 medium kennel.  The back bedroom has 3 medium kennels.  On occasion, we get some dogs that can climb the 5' panels so we do have a  few large crates for them as they seem to be much happier in a more den-like space.

Outside Play Areas

We have several outside play areas, all of which are surrounded by a combination of 6' wood, chain link and no-climb wildlife fencing.

The Outback

The Outback is a basic 'L'-shape field where we take the dogs for runs or games of fetch.  It is approximately 1.5 acres of straight away so they can stretch out and run full blast without worrying about running into an obstacle.

The main yard

Our main yard is another 1.5 acres of green space with a short shelter belt of trees for shade and hose hook ups for the paddling pools.  When it is very hot out, the pools are well used.

50' x 50' pen

We do not have individual dog runs, where the dogs are left outside to their own devices and often learn to fence fight.  We do have a large pen that is only used for separating the very small dogs or puppies, the very worried dogs or the old fogeys from the over-excited, over-enthusiastic younger and bigger dogs.

If necessary, we will use the big pen (or the smaller pen at the kennel) for those reactive dogs with space issues.