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We are a small, registered not-for-profit that rescues, rehabilitates, re-trains and rehomes herding breed dogs such as German Shepherds, Border Collies Australian Kelpies and Australian Cattle Dogs (the most common breeds we see).  We do not deal with dog or people aggressive dogs but we will work with common reactivity or fear issues or misunderstood herding behaviours so that the dogs can cope with adoption by the generally active pet owner.  Once accepted into rescue, the foster dogs are welcome to stay however long it takes to find them the right match - we do not have adoption deadlines or quotas to meet.

The dogs in AB Herding Dog Rescue's care would like to thank the Retreat clients for helping them to learn dog park etiquette and for teaching some of them better socialization and coping skills.  Please click on the link for an up-to-date list of AB Herding Dog Rescue's adoptable dogs.

Funds generated by the boarding kennel help support the efforts of the rescue.